Yes, Duo is more than two people. We get asked that all the time! So why “Duo”? Well, we had originally only offered graphic design and web design services when the company was founded in 2012. Since then we have expanded into digital marketing, social media management and so much more. Partners and best friends Chris Schneider and Pat Routa met in high school in 2002, and the rest is history.


Chris and Pat graduate from Elyria High School. Both initially plan on attending Kent State University together, but ultimately Chris decides to pursue his Bachelor’s degree at Lorain County Community College.

The next few years are a mix of higher education, real world experience and building relationships that would eventually lead to the growth of Duo as we know it today!


Chris Schneider and Pat Routa become tired of trying to juggle freelance projects from start to finish themselves. An idea is born: work together to create the “perfect duo.” Chris brings development experience, Pat brings design experience, signifying the start of a design and development agency.

The two of them work from home, coffee shops, libraries – wherever they could get a stable WiFi connection. They work long hours through nights and weekends. They understood that in order to make their entrepreneurial dreams come true that they would need to build their agency methodically.


Chris and Pat leave their full-time and freelance jobs to pursue building Duo full-time. They had already invested so much into the company that this was the logical next step.

This is when Duo started to see long-term growth. Chris and Pat partnered with small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and nonprofits to show off Duo’s potential.


Duo finds its physical home in ​Rocky River (inside of a cozy office on Center Ridge Road). Chris and Pat were ready to have a nicer environment to collaborate and meet with clients, and they were looking forward to having a space that could aptly handle Duo’s expansion.


Duo doubles with the addition of ​Steve Riggle​ and ​Margot Kelley​ to the agency.

The results were immediately recognized. With Steve and Margot as a part of the team, Chris and Pat could extend Duo’s offered services into social media management, strategy and more.