Meet Steve

Hi everybody! We want to introduce you to our new Technical Project Manager, Steve Riggle. Steve is a great addition to Duo, he brings an eye for detail and a love for defining a process. Steve went from being on the manufacturing side of small business to the project management side of small business. His […]

Meet Margot

Hi everybody! We want to introduce you to our new Marketing Specialist / Account Executive, Margot Kelley. She is going to be helping us create better marketing strategies, help our clients with understanding the importance of having a brand voice, and so much more. Margot attended Ohio University and graduated with a bachelor’s in Marketing. […]

4th Quarter is Coming – Let’s Audit Those Social Media Accounts!

The 4th quarter is right around the corner, which means holidays are coming! People are going to be shopping at large and small businesses alike. If you, like many other small businesses, have been putting off tidying up your social media accounts, now’s the time. Social media is a visual game first and foremost, so […]

4 Tips for Building Customer Loyalty in Small Businesses

A consumer chooses a small business because they believe in the idea of small businesses. Sometimes they think they can get a better deal, but more often than not it’s because they know the service and the relationship will be much better than a national chain establishment. Small business consumers have a tendency of being […]

What are the Best Ways to Advertise My Small Business?

Advertising a small business. There are endless combinations of different ways to promote your business to try to get in front of your target demographic, but we hopefully can help you with how to make an informed decision. As a digital content agency that specializes in small business growth, we have experience creating advertisements for […]