Branding – Understanding a Common Marketing Term So You Can Find Wendy’s-like Success in Your Own Branding

What exactly is a brand? Why is good branding important? And what does good branding even look like? Keep reading to find out!

A brand is the personality that a company puts out into the world. 

It’s the logo, colors, messaging, social media, websites and persona that is portrayed on each of those forms of media and how they intermingle with each other.

Let’s take Wendy’s for example. Their logo shows a smiling, freckle-faced redhead wearing pigtails. Wendy’s brand shows the company as a person – and a happy one at that. Their colors are timeless: red, yellow, light blue, white and black. But their brand really shows a different side on Twitter. Wendy’s Twitter account is famous for its sassy comebacks and dirty disses aimed at its competitors. While older generations (who may not be on Twitter) know Wendy’s for their “Fresh, Never Frozen” commercials, younger audiences know that Wendy’s is ripe with retaliation.

The takeaway here is that a brand can portray different personalities on different mediums to appeal to wider audiences.

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We use products that remind us of simpler times, such as the detergents that our parents used to wash our clothes in. 

People are drawn to brands for different reasons. Recently, nostalgia has been a big factor in branding – everyone wants to go back to the “good old days” of less work, and less stress. We use products that remind us of simpler times, such as the detergents that our parents used to wash our clothes in. The scent of Tide for me is familiar and reminds me of home. If my mom trusted Tide, then I will be more inclined to trust them too.

The same is true for countless other brands in my life, like Betty Crocker and Hershey’s Syrup – I grew up with these brands, and they will always hold a special place in my heart.

A good brand feels trustworthy to its customers. 

The colors, typography, images, and messages speak to the brand. A professional brand should not use a child-like font, whereas a creative brand probably shouldn’t choose dull, lifeless colors in its branding.

Take some time to figure out what you want your brand to say because a messy brand will drive your customers away. A bad brand sticks out like a sore thumb, while a good brand works seamlessly with your product.

A brand should also stay consistent to encourage customer loyalty. Rebranding is sometimes necessary, but you should try to keep the most recognizable elements of your brand the same.

Randy’s Pickles will likely keep their fun pickle/mustache logo forever, as it helps customers quickly find the jars of the best Cleveland-made pickles! 


Remember that your brand reflects the overall company.

Try to keep it simple, but reflective of your company’s values. Your different social media platforms can portray slightly different personas of your brand to relate to the audiences that use those platforms. Make meaningful decisions when building your brand, and your customers will be sure to notice them! 

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