Last Minute Black Friday / Cyber Monday Strategies to Take Advantage Of This Week

Believe it or not, Black Friday is this week. Where did 2020 go? If you haven’t done anything to prep your holiday marketing efforts, don’t panic. We have some suggestions on what marketing tactics you can implement right now for Black Friday and Cyber Monday – as we recently shared on the Sip, Create, Repeat podcast.

According to a recent Shopify webinar, 55% of people said they want to shop at local businesses this holiday season. In 2020, shoppers want to support small businesses because they have seen the impact that COVID has had on so many of those businesses. If you own a small business and feel that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are only for the big box stores, we challenge you to make an effort to take advantage of them this year.


Set Up Email Marketing Flows 

These automated email flows will help recover revenue and reduce time spent sending individual email campaigns. We recently broke down the difference between campaigns versus flows and which flows are the most important ones that you should have. Setting these up ensures that continued communication will happen during the holiday weekend – plus will drive additional revenue.


Schedule Social Media Posts Now

Make sure all of your social media posts for the whole weekend are scheduled in advance. Post in real time will lead to panic posting and not as high quality marketing messaging. Do as much prep work as you can to schedule posts now. That can include announcing your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals before Thanksgiving. Two-thirds of Shopify Plus merchants say they plan to launch their sales as early as a week before, so get ahead of the weekend to maximize sales and generate as much revenue as you can. New to scheduling? We suggest tools like Facebook’s Creator’s Studio, where you can plan content for both Facebook and Instagram, or Hootsuite for additional feeds. 


Staff Accordingly

Proper staffing is key for a high volume weekend. If you do have a physical location and expect an increase in foot traffic, then make sure you have the appropriate amount of staff on hand. It is also important to have a virtual assistant or designated staff member to help respond to emails and social media messages quickly. Don’t lose out on sales because you forgot about these online customer inquiries. 


Be Up Front About Potential Holiday Delays

If you are expecting shipping and fulfillment delays in the upcoming weeks, be upfront and honest with your customers. Make sure they know in advance that their order may not ship within your normal time frame due to the increase in holiday orders and shipping times. That allows for reasonable expectations to be set and allows for additional trust to be built between you and your consumers.


Liked this “holiday” post? Check back next week when we will offer or expectations for this year’s Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend! In the meantime, subscribe to the Sip, Create, Repeat podcast to stay in the know about the most important marketing trends all year long.