What To Expect This Black Friday / Cyber Monday Weekend

This is it. Black Friday is here. And you may be unsure what to expect this weekend, but here at Duo, we’re excited. And you should be too. 

According to a 2019 survey, shoppers went into Black Friday weekend with about one-third of their shopping already done. That means there’s two-thirds of their shopping lists that need to be completed.

Shopify also recently shared that 30% of the people they surveyed in 2020 were planning on buying from new brands. That may be driven from the fact that they either want to support a small local business that they haven’t bought from before, or they’re spending more time online, in turn learning about more new companies faster than ever before. 

So ultimately, what should you expect this weekend? We just shared our thoughts on the Sip, Create, Repeat podcast earlier this week…

Increase in Social Media Traffic

Be prepared for more people contacting your business via social media platforms. This can include comments on posts, more direct messages and more. We also hope you already scheduled out those posts for the weekend already!


Shoppers Want High Quality AND The Best Price 

Google shared the search term “best affordable” is up 60% year over year. That means consumers are looking for the highest quality at the lowest price. Normally in years past, they wouldn’t care as much during Black Friday – they just wanted the best deal. Instead, they want both this year.

If you’re a small business, think of ways that you can provide quality while offering a good price point or some sort of financial incentive as well. For example, consider a promotion like spend a certain amount or buy a premium item and get a $100 gift card to use in the month of January. That is a great tactic as typically early first quarter is when shoppers closed up their wallets post-holidays. If you give consumers an incentive to come back at the first of the year, that can be a great way to get them back in your store.


More Website Traffic

We hope your site is on a good server and is ready for the increase in website traffic this weekend. That’s also why it is handy to staff accordingly and have someone on hand in case something happens with your website. 


Update Your Hours

Google is great at reminding you to update those hours on your Google page. Take the time to also update your website with your holiday hours, plus any other helpful holiday information including potential shipping delays. The best thing you can do is be upfront with your audience and keep them up to date during this hectic time.


We hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and are ready to make those revenue goals starting today and into early next week. Good luck this Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend!


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