Case Study - ~$5M in Attributed Revenue in Just Five Months.

An e-commerce store based in Los Angeles reached out to us to chat about Facebook ads. They have been running Google Ads for years, but they wanted to check out some other marketing options.

The results have been incredible: adding a new revenue stream that they were skeptical about before working with us. From August to December 2019, we helped their business grow their total revenue by nearly $5M (offline and online).

Our full-service team is dedicated to delivering results and looks forward to growing this business, and many others, for years to come.


(Aug. 2019 - Dec. 2019)


ROAS – Return on ad spend. This figure represents the amount of money you get in return for your ad spend.


In new revenue to their business. They had never run Facebook ads before this and in five months we were able to add nearly $5M in total revenue to their business (offline and online sales).

$76 CPR

CPR – Cost per result. This is the average amount of ad budget it took to net a sale.