Your company’s brand is the most important first step to taking your business to a new level. Branding is the voice, branding is the messaging, branding is a strategy and branding is the visuals. Many people think that branding is just creating a cool logo, but a cool logo design will fade into the crowd with the others if there isn’t a tactical reason for designing it the way it is. We know your company has a unique story to tell and we strive to tell it in a way that will help your message rise above the constant noise and clutter of daily lives. Consumers see countless ads and brands every day but we’ll make sure the right people discover you.


Watch the video above to get an understanding of our approach to branding, our approach to projects and our general approach to life. Our most successful brand designs are when we can work together with our clients for one purpose – the best branding possible for you.


Branding is so much more than “making things pretty.” At duo., we learn the brand inside out, get to know the brand intimately, and provide key messages and design from there. Your brand tells the story of your company – why settle for something that’s not intentional?


We always start with research. We research your business, your competitors, and the best practices in your industry. We want to have the best baseline we can have when starting the branding process with you.


We sit down with you and get to know your brand as a whole. From there we craft key messages to provide a guide on how to craft further messaging that is tailored to your brand story.


Once we know your brand as a whole, we create the visuals that portray who and what your brand is. Messaging is important, but visuals are what most people remember. We make sure yours represents your brand accurately.


We provide branding guidelines so if you have any questions, your team can be self-reliant and finding the answers in this document. Your branding is a living entity and we provide all aspects of this in the guidelines.